Ribs Yard, launched in June of 2014, is a casual steakhouse in Amman (opening soon in Riyadh) which serves a variety of premium beef dishes (Ribs, T-bone Steak, Rib-eye Steak and other delicious starters) at affordable rates. Ribs Yard serves graded beef to ensure the highest consistent quality of beef. Graded beef is produced from a limited breed of cattle fed on both grass and a carefully balanced grain diet for a minimum of 100 days that have never been treated with growth hormones. We import our meat from the most reputable beef farms in Australia, New Zealand and USA to bring some of the finest meat around the globe. Ribs Yard Restaurants are full service restaurants featuring a casual atmosphere and a varied menu of freshly prepared appetizers, and premium beef entrees, ribs, hamburgers, sandwiches, and various beverages. Emphasis is placed on serving substantial portions of high quality food at modest prices. Our customers are young, well-to-do beef lovers that enjoy a casual friendly environment.

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