Unique Vision Group,established July 2011, as a multinational organization based in United Emirates and Saudi Arabia. Across the myriad of business ventures undertaken, UV emphasises on high standards of services, quality, innovation, attention to the needs of modern generation, challenging ideas and investment opportunities in local, regional market with an eye on global presence. UV heavily relies on its team of local vendors and partners, to get that edge in performance in each of the different locations. There are many more achievements, accolades and new avenues to be conquered. We believe years to come will bring a spectacular level of growth, taking us closer to our goals. Retail is increasingly competitive and fast changing industry, UV has made practical business initiatives to elevate the retail business in the local, regional and global markets. With increasing pressure of holding customers against infinite options for every need, UV heavily relies on study and detailed research of ever changing market avenues to gain the insight into merchandise performance with respect to brands, categories, geography and vendors. Real Estate remains one of the most dynamic industries across the globe. UV not only targets feasible investment opportunities that maximise the profitability of the investments, but also focuses on effective contribution towards the sustainable social development of the region as well as neighbouring GCC countries. UV has cracked the secret of underlying currents governing the scenario Business Services Industry has UV’s committement to explore the providing a wide range of services in the local, regional and global markets. UV intendeds to provide the best facilities, the best technology and the best people, crucial to make clients’ lives easy and their business a booming success .UV’s business approach is based on a simple yet steadfast principle – to reduce costs and to share the overheads of the clients.

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