MINOPOLIS was founded in 2005 after two years of intensive research, product development and planning. During this conceptional phase a team of leading psychologists and educational professionals supported the development of the playacting concepts and the course of the playacts of the individual stations. Film architects and designers have developed floor plans and layouts for an optimal city feeling corresponding kids expectations. After more than 1000 applicants for kids coaching jobs were screened, about 100 coaches went through a 3 month education to receive their “MINOPOLIS Children Coach Diploma”. The first site opened on November 25, 2005 in Vienna, Austria. Laid out on 5.500 sqm 27, theme stations provide a true city feeling to the visitors and more than 100 jobs can be experienced by the kids. Presently MINOPOLIS Vienna has around 20 brand partners, sponsoring the theme stations and generates more than 200.000 visitors every year. The concept of MINOPOLIS presents a “town” full of activities of daily life from shops to hospitals, entertainment and infrastructure facilities. The kids can act in a playful way as adults would in the real environment of our actual life.In the “Kids Town” MINOPOLIS there is a wide range of different activities presenting a mix of the daily life of urban environment as there are for instance supermarkets and retail stores, restaurant, driving school, TV-station and newspaper, fire brigade, hospital and police and much more from business life up to infrastructural activities. These theme stations – each spread out between 25 and 200 sqm – are the heart of MINOPOLIS. Children can try out which different roles there are in daily life and can happily do what kids always like to do: imitate the world of adults. To make the edutainment as realistic as possible, MINOPOLIS has its own currency, “Eurolinos”. By executing jobs at the theme stations kids earn Eurolinos and subsequently can save or spend the proceeds of their work – just like in real life. If they run out of money, they have the possibility to earn fresh money by working in one of the theme stations, To assist the children, a team of coaches are active at the stations and train the kids in the individual jobs.

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