Established in 2008, Almana F&B Ltd. is the leading company in its sector. Almana’s journey in food sector in Turkish retail food market started in 1988, with the acquisition of master franchise rights of KFC and continued with Pizza Hut in 2000. After delivering its shares of KFC and Pizza Hut to its partner in 2008, Almana F&B Ltd has been founded and acquired the franchise rights of Krispy Kreme for a vision to develop the brand in Turkey. Krispy Kreme which operates in 25 countries with its 750 stores is the first founded doughnut shop chain in the whole world with its wide range of products, friendly service and irresistible taste of its doughnuts. Today, Almana F&B Ltd. offers service in Turkey with its 24 company owned Krispy Kreme restaurants. Almana F&B Ltd. never compromises its quality and health principles, as well as its pioneering role in the Turkish fast food sector. Growing every day in Turkey, with the synergy created by a fast and result-oriented operation. In 2013, Almana F&B Ltd has been rewarded with the best operation in customer service and hospitality by the Krispy Kreme International out of 25 countries worldwide.

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