Emirati seafood restaurant Al Mashowa has opened its doors at City Walk, offering authentic flavours using age-old recipes, traditional slow-cooking methods and fresh local ingredients. Al Mashowa, which means boat in the Emirati dialect, offers guests an authentic Emirati seafood dining experience. The menu has been inspired by the flavours of traditional recipes served in Emirati households. Ingredients have been carefully and thoughtfully selected where possible, using local organic or sustainably sourced fresh fish. The restaurant’s chef has mastered signature spices to create dishes that have been enjoyed by Emirati families for decades. The flavours of Al Mashowa promise a delectable and nostalgic trip down memory lane. The traditionally curated menu at Al Mashowa has something for everyone. It is dominated by traditional seafood dishes, with highlights including the Al Mashowa Gbaab, chargrilled whole tuna with radish salad and Muhammar Safi Matfi, whole safi fish in tomato and dry lime gravy. Meat lovers can also get their fill with a choice of regional favourites, such as kebab, made from fresh lamb grilled with herbs and spices, a local version of biryani and other signature dishes. In addition, the restaurant serves a wide variety of desserts including batheetha, asidat bobar, luqaimat and khabesa. Interior design firm GHCA has used authentic local décor accents, such as traditional boat-frames, to create a heritage-inspired casual environment at the light and airy 4,500-sqft eatery that offers indoor and outdoor seating options for up to 100 diners.

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