About Umbrella

Umbrella is a business intelligence platform developed by Global Markets Company of Kuwait. The platform enables customers to view, research, and analyze the markets and industries to compete in by utilizing Global Markets' research. Global Markets’ research methodology depends on covering 100% of businesses that have physical store presence. Research coverage includes operational and sales profiling. Such information benefits both existing market players and new entrants to learn about the potential of their markets and their market position. Global Markets conducts extensive field research and interviews industry experts to derive its data and information. Our mission at Global Markets is to collect, verify, structure, and connect data and convert them to meaningful information. We will always strive to present our information and estimates in the easiest way possible to help businesses make the right decisions.

Global Markets is a business intelligence company driven by estimates that define market sizes, shares, and future trends. The people at Global Markets are the key to our success in delivering the needed tasks and information to our clients. Global Markets applies leading practices that differentiate the company in the marketplace. We seek clients and strategic partners who share the same commitment to performance, quality, and success. Our corporate expertise spans the range of market research, intelligence, business planning, and feasibility studies. This translates into a commitment on our behalf to deliver results that endure and enable our clients to realize success in meeting their goals and objectives.

To learn more about Global Markets, please visit our website at http://globalmarkets.com.kw/

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